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Guided Trips

Pagosa Springs Finest Guides:

Our Guide Trips:

Let us create a priceless and memorable trip for you and your family! Our guided fly fishing trips are designed to accommodate all skill levels from very beginners to the most experienced anglers. Throughout the entire experience it is our goal to provide our guests with the best knowledge and skills and to ensure a great time on the water! Give us a call to book your guide trip as they do book fast!

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Guided Trip Prices:

1/2 Day Trips:                                                        Full Day Trips:

1 Person $350.00                                      1 Person $450.00

2 Person $425.00                                      2 Person $525.00

3 Person $500.00                                      3 Person $650.00

2 Hour : Introductory to Fly Fishing. All equipment included. You will be learning everything you need to get out on the water.

1 Person $150.00

2 Person $200.00

3 Person $300.00

All Full day trips include Lunch, Flies, Terminal Tackle. Rods, Reels and Wading Gear if needed. 1/2 Day trips include all of the above except lunch. Please let us know about any dietary restrictions you may have. Not included is a Colorado Fishing License, or guide gratuity. Please obtain your license before the day of the trip. Here is a link to buy your fishing license online.  1/2 Day Trips are 4 Hours on the water and Full Day Trips are 8 hours on the water.

Specialty Guided Trips:

Williams creek Reservoir:

Full Day on the lake. This is a great day of fishing on the lake. Be able to access many parts of the lake only by boat without the long walk. Have access to the deepest part of the lake for some really large trout.

All the equipment and a shore lunch is included.

1-2 person $550.00

Czech Nymphing:

This trip includes all equipment needed to learn the art of Czech Nymphing. Learn Leader set up, Rods, Flies, Reading the water. Limited to 2 person per trip. Lunch included.

1 Person $500.00

2 Person $650.00

Snow Angel Ranch: Pagosa Springs

Now offering Float tube trips:

snow angel 3

This is one of the best kept Stillwater secrets in Pagosa Springs. Tucked away in the mountains of the San Juan National forest, is a secluded valley originally homesteaded in the 1890’s, this is Snow Angel Ranch. The ranches 3 lakes are a perfect place for the experienced fly fisher to hone their Stillwater skills for Trophy Trout. Better yet if your looking to get your kids into Fly Fishing this is the place you want them to learn. Also on the ranch is a  fully equipped Historic Cabin that Sleeps up to 4 for $150.00 a night. Ice fishing trips are also available.

Rod Fee of $100.00 per per person is not included in the Guide fee.

 The Chama River In New Mexico:

Fishing License Cost $ 22.00 Which can be bought online. If choosing this trip please purchase your license the day before the trip! Full Day Only.

1 Anger $395.00

2 Anglers $495.00

3 Anglers $625.00

Ice Fishing trips:

We can tailor your trip from beginner, family style, to the advanced and avid ice fishing angler. We use the latest ice fishing gear, techniques, and knowledge to give our clients the best Ice fishing experience possible. All the tackle and warming hut is included. These trips are cold so we encourage our clients to dress warmly have a good pair of gloves, warm waterproof boots basically warm just what you would to ski!

All Ice fishing trips are for 1/2 Day 4 hrs.

The cost is:

$300.00 for one angler.

$375.00 for two anglers

$425.00 for 3 Anglers

There is a $75.00 rod fee per person for the private land fee in cash that goes directly to the land owner.

The following is a list of strongly recommended items for your safety and comfort.

  • Sunscreen for high-altitude protection, Hat with visor, Polarized sunglasses for eye protection and to permit superior vision on the water.
  • Warm sweater or fleece jacket and waterproof rain jacket (mountain temperatures are cooler and weather can change rapidly).

    Warm socks are essential as mountain water is always cold. Non-absorbent nylon pants or polypropylene long johns, if available, are best under waders.

    Change of clothing, including socks, in case of getting wet.

About your guide. Our guides are personable, experienced and knowledgeable about fly fishing, the outdoors and the areas in and around Pagosa Springs.  They are all certified in First Aid and CPR. Should you have any questions, or particular desires for your day, please ask your guide when they give you a call to go over the day with you. They will go the extra mile to make your day a memorable one!

As with other service providers, tipping your guide 20% is customary.

Cancellation Policy:

All trips require a 50% deposit on the day of booking, cancellation must be made 7 days prior to trip if canceled after the 7 days a $75.00 cancellation will be charged.

  • Colorado Outfitters Lic#3127
  • San Juan National Forest Permit # PAG718
  • We are an Equal Opportunity Provider in accordance with Federal Law and is operating under special use permit with the San Juan National Forest.”

Our Guides

Jon Thomas:

I grew up in South East Louisiana “Sportsman Paradise” with a rod in my hand. No not a fly rod but a cane pole and a open face spinner. I spent most of my days playing outside, hunting and fishing on our family’s property. Our family spent every weekend fishing somewhere. It’s what we did and my oldest memories of our time together. After high school and college that is where the real adventure started. Geaux Tigers!!

I enlisted in the US Air Force and began my travels around the world. My first duty station was at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. I was hooked! Colorado had me, new rivers, snowboarding, and mountain biking and outdoor minded women. I met the love of my life there and we have two children. Our son who is 21 and our daughter who is 12. We were lucky enough to live and play in Japan and Alaska just two of the other wonderful opportunities we have shared together over our 20 years of service to this great nation. Yes the fishing is amazing in both places. After retirement from the service my wife chose Pagosa as our family home.  I am currently the Radiology Lead at the Pagosa Medical Group (Urgent Care).  I am extremely fortunate to be here and have the ability to work a few days a week.  Thank you Air Force retirement.  I spend the rest of the time fishing, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, and snowboarding.  I always have a rod in my truck.  I throw line 200 days a year.

Fly fishing was always just out of my reach; I did a little but could not find someone willing to invest the time to help me make the switch. I get it. Everyone’s free time is precious because of our everyday lives. Then it happened someone took the time and I haven’t looked back.

People who know me always talk about my passion for the things I enjoy in life. I am intense but I love what I love with all I have and invest myself into it. I have become addicted to all thing “FLY”. I am starting the endless journey to learn all styles of Fly fishing. Czech nymphing and tying my own flies have taken over a majority of my free time. No complaints here.  My wife likes it too; I’m more “relaxed” now.  I’m always looking for my next adventure fishing / looking for new streams and challenges.

Why guide? I never want anyone to miss the opportunity to experience that fist take on a dry or bump on a tight line rig. I have the time and passion to teach. Fly fishing has given me the chance to see the wonders of CO.  Anyone will tell you when you are fishing with a fly rig there is a lot going on and it requires total concentration. This allows you to focus on the fish and not the rest that is going on in your life. The perfect break from reality. Believe me Pagosa offers opportunities no place else does. Just drive 10 miles in any direction this is Paradise and we live and play here. I hope to see y’all  out there.

“Les a le bon ton Roulet”

“Let the good times roll”

Terry E. Arrington

I grew up in Southern New Mexico and like most of us started fishing with my Dad using worms under a bobber. My obsession with fly-fishing started during college, when my brother-in-law introduced me to the long rod on trips to the White Mountains of Arizona.

While living in Texas, I honed my fly-fishing skills chasing warm water species, especially during the spring white bass runs, and got my trout fix with trips to the Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country and the Blue River and Lower Mountain Fork of Oklahoma. Vacations and summers were spent in the Rocky Mountains chasing as many trout as possible. While I have fished most of the major rivers in the West, I enjoy the solitude of a back country small stream and beauty of a high alpine lake most of all. One of the top reasons for choosing the Pagosa Springs area was the proximity to so many streams and lakes, not only in Colorado but also New Mexico, Utah and Arizona …so much water and not enough time!!

A CPA by trade, my wife and I moved to Pagosa Springs in May of 2016 and I started guiding shortly afterward. I love sharing my passion of fly fishing especially with those who are new to the activity.

My wife Susan, who shares my love of the sport, and I are actively involved with Running Rivers, a nonprofit organization based in Colorado whose mission is to facilitate the connection of people with healthy freshwater ecosystems through novel recreational events, educational activities and on the ground projects. The organization’s flagship event is the Flyathlon…a multi-sport event that integrates three activities that are currently surging in popularity in the Western US …trail running, fly-fishing and craft beer (RUN.FISH. BEER). The events have raised over $100,000 with funds being used for restoration projects for native trout waters. Susan and I are also members of the Upper San Juan Search and Rescue organization.

We have two children, a son and daughter-in-law who reside in South Carolina with our two grandchildren, and a daughter and son-in-law who live in Oregon. While we wish they were closer at times, their adventurous spirits have led us to explore areas that we would not have done otherwise, such as backpack trips in the Pisgah National Forest and float trips down the Deschutes River where I landed my first ever Bull Trout!

Gene Gamber

As a youngster, Gene spent the majority of his free time roaming the lakes and woods of southern Michigan, fishing and hunting with his father. He moved to Colorado in 1979 and landed in Breckenridge in the spring of 1980. For more than 30 years, Gene worked in the Adaptive Ski Program of the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center; the last 20 years as the Program Director. In 2013 he was inducted into the Disabled Skiing Hall of Fame for his many years of work with people with disabilities and special needs. He now occupies a considerable amount of his time guiding and fishing. Guiding fulfills his love of teaching and getting people outdoors. He has been a professional fly-fishing guide for more than 13 years. You can usually find him exploring the streams of the Upper Piedra River valley with his fishing buddy Josie, a small black Lab. His wife Lisa will occasionally get out of bed in time to join the two of them, although she prefers the evening bite! For Gene, introducing folks to a sport that leads one to some of the most beautiful places on earth is the best aspect of guiding. He is also our ice fishing guide.

Dave Gravley

Dave was born and raised in Colleyville, TX.  Dave retired from the United States Marine Corps as a MGySgt serving over 22-years in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) field with multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He has been fly fishing for over 30-years and guiding since retirement.  Dave is a volunteer for Project Healing Waters which teaches the joys and peace of fly fishing to wounded/disabled veterans.  Dave lives locally in Pagosa Springs and is married to his wife, Nancy, for over 25-years (who also enjoys fishing).  Together they have a daughter and two grandchildren.  When he’s not fishing or guiding, Dave enjoys hiking, backpacking and camping.  He is also active in his church, community and in Veteran’s organizations.

Bob Larkin

I grew up with fishing in my veins. From grade school summers at Lake Tahoe to creeks, rivers, lakes and ponds in Middle Tennessee to inshore and offshore species in South Florida, fishing and the outdoors have always been a big part of my life. I’ve also been very fortunate to travel the world and fish incredible places such as Christmas Island, Belize, Florida, New Zealand, Northern California, Montana and of course, Colorado!

The fly fishing bug hooked me with a huge Rainbow Trout over 30 years ago on a remote New Zealand river during a year-long backpacking trip, and it’s been an obsession ever since! Soon thereafter, I got the opportunity to live on the McCloud River in Northern California doing volunteer work for The Nature Conservancy on their 6 miles of river, and the fly fishing addiction really took hold.

After spending 30 years in the fine wine business in Florida, my wife Rosemarie and I relocated to Colorado in 2018 to be closer to our daughter, Jenny. All three of us now live full-time in Pagosa Springs and love our little bit of paradise immensely. When I’m not fishing, you can probably find me hiking, cooking, foraging for mushrooms or rooting for my beloved Crimson Tide. The biggest challenge now is trying to outfish Jenny!

Ally Kuhns

I am a born and raised native of Pagosa Springs and even though I have lived around Colorado, Pagosa will always be my home. I learned how to fly fish at a summer camp when I was young and was gifted my first fly rod at age 12 by my dad. While I never lost interest in fishing growing up, I became very passionate about fly fishing in 2021 when I learned how to actually catch fish using a fly. Between getting a degree in occupational safety and working full time, I fished around the front range in Denver as much as I could. I have made great friendship and learned a lot from many amazing teachers. Along with fly fishing, I’ve also taken up fly tying as another hobby. I became a guide because I wanted to share this sport with others and pass along the knowledge I have gained in my journey.

Jenny Larkin

“I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember! Growing up in South Florida I did a lot of spin fishing with live shrimp and lures, then we got a boat and upgraded to offshore fishing.  My dad (Guide Bob) and I used to love trolling for Mahi and Tuna, deep-dropping on reefs, and cruising the canals and mangroves for Snook and Tarpon. I moved to the Denver area in 2016 and naturally became obsessed with fly fishing in 2017. To say it was an adjustment in fishing style is an understatement – I think the first time my dad visited and put me on some trout, I just about ripped off their jaw on the hook set! I got to spend almost five years learning the creeks, rivers, and lakes closer to Denver before moving to Pagosa Springs in 2021, which expanded my knowledge of fly fishing and really kicked my hobby up a notch – we are so lucky to have such diverse water and such hungry fish!
Fly fishing has become one of the best things possible for my mental health. The serenity you get standing in the water, the thrill of the hunt and the fight, the satisfaction of catching a fish on such a delicate fly, the joy you feel when you find a new spot to fish or a new fly that works like a charm, the patience and attention-to-detail you develop, the unbelievably beautiful places that it takes you; it is one of my absolute favorite things in this world and I’d love to take you out to show you how much fun it is for yourself!
When I’m not fishing, you can find me working at Pagosa Craft Dispensary as a budtender, teaching yoga at The Edge of Silence and Ember House, paddle boarding, hiking, foraging for mushrooms with my dad, or riding at Wolf Creek in the Winter with my boyfriend Luke.”