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Fishing Report 8/5/2020

Fishing Report 8/5/2020

 We have had recent rains and it has started to revive some of the rivers, But please continue to fish early and take your time reviving the fish before you let them go!
San Juan below Navajo Dam: Close to all non residents.

The flows are at 827 cfs. We’ve had some great reports from the Juan the fishing is on fire!

Nymphing as always, and some great dry fly fishing starting around noon, small BWO patterns are working the best  Also White Bunnie Leaches.

You can Czech nymph this river and use bigger flies other than the standard size 20-24. You just need to target the deeper runs!! Also streamer time, when using streamers use 3x and 4x the fish are not leader shy with the water off color.

San Juan in Town Pagosa Springs: Clearing.

The flow is at 52.6 cfs.

The flows are on the way down again but the fishing is good.

Nymphs:  Prince Nymphs standard, blue and jigged, Flashback PT’S, Brillion’s Mean Machine , Rainbow Warriors  Iron Lotus, Jig Frenchie’s, Quill Bodied Jig Hares Ear, Bishop’s Dynamite in green, Jig Perdigon in orange and purple, Brillon’s Lucent H.E. Jig.

Dry’s: Para Hares, Chubby, Stimis.

East and West Forks of the San Juan, Wolf Creek: 

East Fork is clearing. Please release your fish and clean up after yourself! Many people keeping over their limit of fish! If you see this please get the license plate # of the car or truck and report it to Game and Fish!

Dry’s: Chubby’s, Stimi’s, Black Caddis.

Nymph’s: Copper John’s,  Iron Lotus, Bishops Dynamite, Rainbow warriors, Princes, Pat’s Rubber Legs, Quillidigon in Natural and Pink

Williams Creek:  Starting to look better with the rain. Still fish in the mornings.

 The flows are coming up some.

Nymphs:  Jigged Princes, Frenchies, Quillidigon in Natural and Pink, Surveyors, 20 Bombs and 20 inchers, Straggle Stones, Iron Lotus, Dave’s Black Pt, Brillon’s Lucent H.E. Jig on the swing all colors, Pats Rubber Legs.

Dry Flies: Stimi’s in yellow and orange, Chubby’s tan and purple.

Above the lake: Low


Nymphs: Jig and Standard princes, Hares Ears, Rainbow Warriors, Stone Bombs, Brillon’s Lucent H.E. Jig on the swing all colors on the swing, Pats Rubber legs.

Dry’s: Chubby’s Stimi’s

Williams Creek Reservoir Echo Lake and the PLPOA lakes:

The fishing isn’t that bad at Williams, Echo is Great as is the PLPOA lakes are fishing well with Hatcher being the best.

Flies: Semi Seal Leaches all colors. Wooly Buggers. If the wind picks up Frenchies, Princes, Hares ears floated under an indicator, Para Hares Ears.

Piedra River:

 The Flow at Arboles 43.2 cfs
The rains did help some! but on the way back down.
 The best places to fish are below the confluence of the Williams. Off 1st fork road is a great place to go more water there.


Nymphs: Jigged and Standard Pt’s, Hares Ears, Princes Standard and blue and Jigged, Pats Rubber Legs, Quillidigon in Natural and Pink, Quill bodied H.E. Brillon’s Lucent H.E.

Dry Flies : Stimi’s and Chubby’s

Turkey Creek: Fishng is ok water levels aren’t bad. Mosquito’s are bad.


Flies: Caddis and small Stimis

 Animas River, Durango:

Flow 356 cfs

Fishing is slow and the water is warm! Fish early and late in the day, Please do not fish in the heat of the day. Give them a break!

Nymphing is the way to go. We have had some good reports.


Best Flies:  Stone fly patterns, Pat’s Rubber Legs, Pheasant tails, Pt Spectra 94, Pettitosso on the Swing, Collaretto, Tricolor, Caddis and many of our Competition Flies,

Trout Stalker Ranch: As soon as the river clears we will be able to start fish here again.

The Ranch is best fishing in the area!

Flow 31 Cfs.

Nymphs: Jig Prince, Orange CDC Pheasant, Brillion Lucent HE

Drys: Hoppers, Chubby’s, Stimi’s, Para Hare”s

Streamers: Autumn Splender, Black and Purple Articulated.

Rio Chama: 


Flow 31 CFS: above town, Below El Vado 344 CFS

Good fishing well worth the drive.

Best flies Nymphs: Stonefly Nymphs, Prince Nymphs

Best Flies Dry: Chubby and Stimi’s

Pass and Park Creeks: Fishing well, but low.

Dry’s: Caddis Para Hares Ears.

Nymph’s: Small PT’s and Hares ears, Quillidigon in Natural and Pink

South Fork of The Rio Grande: Big Meadows: 

The lake is fishing well as is the river below the lake all the way to Park Creek CC.

Flow is at 49.6 cfs at South fork.

Dry Flies: Stimi’s, Caddis, Para Hares Ears.

Nymph’s: Princes,Rainbow warriors, Stonebombs,Brillon’s Lucent H.E. Jig on the swing all colors.

Rio Grande, Colorado: Slowly rising.

The flows at Wagon Wheel Gap 199 CFS.

The Rio is slowing down according to some and fishing well for others. Low water conditions mean the water is getting warm it’s the same as everywhere fish early or late in the day.

Streamers are working well right now and some BWO hatches thrown in.
Nymphs: Stone flies, Princes, Hair Ears, Semi Seal Leaches, Streamers

Dry’s: . Chubby’s in Purple, Stimi’s

Coller SWA on the Rio Grande:

Dry Flies: Chubby’s Stimi’s

Nymphs: Surveyors, Rainbow Warrior, KGB Black, Flashback PT’S, Peeping Caddis, UV Blue.

 Conejos River:

The Flows at Magote(lower river) 239 cfs and below Platoro (Upper River) 72.8 Cfs.

The flow are now really low here also please fish early in the morning and late in the day.

Lower River:  Nymphs:Jig Head Princes, Hares Ears, Semi Seal Leaches Brillon’s Lucent H.E. on the swing all colors Straggle Stones.

Drys: Stimis Chubbys

Upper River below Platoro:  Jig Head Princes, Hares Ears, Semi Seal Leaches Brillon’s Lucent H.E. on the swing all colors.





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