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Fishing Report 12/1/2019

Fishing Report 12/1/2019

The snow is flying and the rivers are starting to freeze over, but there is still some open water south of town.
Just a sample of what we’ve been catching around town.


San Juan below Navajo Dam: Very Good

The flows are at 671 cfs. Hopefully it will was out some of the moss?

The fishing is really good on the Juan. Nymphing as always, and some great dry fly fishing starting around noon, small BWO patterns are working the best .Try throwing an ant pattern to fish in the shallows. We had the chance to fish down on the Juan the other day and the fishing was great over 40 fish caught czech nymphing with big flies sz 10,12 and a few 14’s thrown in!

You can Czech nymph this river and use bigger flies other than the standard size 20-24. You just need to target the deeper runs!! Also streamer time, when using streamers use 3x and 4x the fish are not leader shy with the water off color.

San Juan in Town Pagosa Springs:  The river in town is fishing really good below the Hot springs.

The flow is at 51.7 cfs

The River is starting to freeze over above the Hot springs but there is still some open water below that.

Nymphs: Simi Seal Leeches, Prince Nymphs standard, blue and jigged, Flashback PT’S, Brillion’s Mean Machine , Rainbow Warriors  Iron Lotus, Jig Frenchie’s, Straggle Stones, Pat’s Rubber legs, Quill Bodied Jig Hares Ear, Bishop’s Dynamite in green.


East and West Forks of the San Juan, Wolf Creek: Good

Ice is starting to form on the edges and the takes are quite soft. Some big fish are being caught up on the west fork.


Nymph’s: Copper John’s, KGB, Iron Lotus, Bishops Dynamite, Rainbow warriors, Princes, Pat’s Rubber Legs, Quillidigon in Natural and Pink

Williams Creek: Slow

 The fishing on Williams is slowing down some with the colder temps. Above the lake ice is on the river. Lower stretches are slowing down also.

Nymphs:  Jigged Princes, Frenchies, Quillidigon in Natural and Pink, Surveyors, 20 Bombs and 20 inchers, Straggle Stones, Iron Lotus, Dave’s Black Pt, Brillon’s Lucent H.E. Jig on the swing all colors, Pats Rubber Legs.

Dry Flies:

Above the lake frozen

slow Ice on the river.

Nymphs: Jig and Standard princes, Hares Ears, Rainbow Warriors, Stone Bombs, Brillon’s Lucent H.E. Jig on the swing all colors on the swing, Pats Rubber legs.


Williams Creek Reservoir: The ice is starting to form.

The fishing is really good. Best spots are down by the dam and around the other side of the lake. And from the parking lot all the way to the boat ramp. Best way to rig up is have a Simi Seal Leach or Wooly Bugger trailed with a Pheasant tail or an Iron Lotus.

Flies: Semi Seal Leaches all colors. Wooly Buggers. If the wind picks up Frenchies, Princes, Hares ears floated under an indicator, Para Hares Ears.

Piedra River: still open on the lower river.

 The Flow at Arboles Ice on the gauge.


Nymphs: Jigged and Standard Pt’s, Hares Ears, Princes Standard and blue and Jigged, Pats Rubber Legs, Quillidigon in Natural and Pink, Quill bodied H.E.

Dry Flies Dry:

Turkey Creek: Too cold.



 Animas River, Durango: Good

Flow 182 cfs

Nymphing is the way to go. We have had some good reports.


Best Flies:  Stone fly patterns, Pat’s Rubber Legs, Pheasant tails, Pt Spectra 94, Pettitosso on the Swing, Collaretto, Tricolor, Caddis and many of our Competition Flies,

Rio Chama, New Mexico: Slow

Flow 22.7 CFS: above town, Below El Vado 590 CFS

Best flies Nymphs: Stonefly Nymphs, Prince Nymphs

Best Flies Dry:

Pass and Park Creeks: Slow Pass and Park Creek Creek has willows along the banks but well worth the bushwhacking and is about the size of Turkey Creek.



Nymph’s: Small PT’s and Hares ears, Quillidigon in Natural and Pink

South Fork of The Rio Grande: over till next year.

Flow is at 22 cfs at South fork.

Dry Flies:

Nymph’s: Princes,Rainbow warriors, Stonebombs,Brillon’s Lucent H.E. Jig on the swing all colors.

Rio Grande, Colorado: Not bad

The flows at Wagon Wheel Gap 306 CFS.
Nymphs: Stone flies, Princes, Hair Ears, Semi Seal Leaches, Streamers

Dry’s: .

Coller SWA on the Rio Grande: No Reports

Dry Flies:

Nymphs: Surveyors, Rainbow Warrior, KGB Black, Flashback PT’S, Peeping Caddis, UV Blue.

 Conejos River: done

The Flows at Magote(lower river) 171 cfs and below Platoro (Upper River) 126 Cfs.


Lower River:  Nymphing is the way to go.

Upper River below Platoro:  Jig Head Princes, Hares Ears, Semi Seal Leaches Brillon’s Lucent H.E. on the swing all colors.





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